Author Guidelines

Articles must meet the following requirements


Ethical requirements:

  1. The article is original, does not contain unquoted borrowings and does not infringe the rights of third parties.
  2. The article reveals the contribution of all individual authors to the creation of publications.
  3. The article does not contain any signs of "ghost-writing", which means hiding the name of the authors who have made a significant contribution to the writing of the article. The article does not contain any signs of "guest authorship", which means listing a person who has not made a significant contribution to the article's writing.
  4. The manuscript must contain complete information on funding sources if such a source is not the author's funds ("financial disclosure").

General requirements:

  1. The article can be written in any language of the world. The language of the article should be clear. The information about the author, title, abstract, keywords and references must be in English regardless of the article's language. If the article is written in a language other than English, Ukrainian or Russian and the editors are unable to find reviewers, the editor will contact the authors to provide a translation of the article. This translation will be used exclusively for reviewing the article.
  2. The title and content of the article should relate to global prosperity issues.
  3. The editorial board supports the researches based on data from different countries.
  4. The structure of the article should contain such elements as Title, Abstract, Keywords, Intorduction, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgment (if necessary), Funding (if necessary), References, Supplementary Data (if necessary).

Technical requirements

  1. The article follows the template. The length of the article should be up to 45000 signs with spaces (without references).
  2. The title of the article corresponds to its content.
  3. The article indicates the names, surnames of all authors, their degrees, department and place of work with full address, personal ORCID (in the link form like, e-mail of corresponding author.
  4. The article contains a structured Abstract and keywords. The Abstract should be clear, informative and original, consistent with describing the results in the paper. The length of the Abstract should be up to 250 words. The number of keywords should be from 4 to 6.
  5. In presenting the article, the author adheres to the following technical conditions:

- .docx file extension;

- the file with paper text has to be named with a surname of the first author without diacritic marks (an example: smith.docx);

- A4 paper size, book orientation;

- font type Times New Roman, size 12 pt;

- line spacing 1;

- first-line indent 1;

- text alignment is justified (except for individual elements according to the template);

- formulas are made in the standard Microsoft Word formula editor;

- all Figures, Schemes and Tables should have a title;

- all table columns should have an explanatory heading;

  1. Every citation must have a reference, and every reference must be cited. References and references in the text should be in the style of APA - American Psychological Association (7th ed.). If the sources are not in English, the author can transliterate the references to the Roman alphabet. 

Authors can find detailed examples of APA-style design (7th ed.) at

Also, the author can use Citation Builder