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Yuliia Sysova


The article describes the key areas of grantmaking activities of modern Ukrainian libraries. Ukrainian libraries have not escaped the challenges of today, which is expressed in the need to find them new forms and methods of work. It is the project activity that will allow reorganizing and modernizing libraries. Examples of programs for 2021 are considered, practical advice is given.  The role and importance of project-granting activity in the innovative development of the modern library are analyzed. In recent years, project activities of libraries have risen, particularly due to the transition to the digital sphere. The publication's analysis showed an increase in the proportion of spending in the budget of projects to purchase technology and equipment. Outlined the dilemmas on the way to project implementation, given the limited funds traditionally allocated in our culture, it is noted that each Ukrainian scientific library is assigned to search for its funding. The article analyzes the experience of libraries in writing projects and implementing the results in the practice of work. The current projects' tasks, main directions, and effectiveness are considered. The article is intended for librarians, officials of regional culture departments, teachers, and students at specialized universities.


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Sysova, Y. . (2021). PROJECT-GRANTING ACTIVITIES OF SCIENTIFIC LIBRARIES IN UKRAINE. Global Prosperity, 1(3-2), 26–32. Retrieved from
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Yuliia Sysova, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts

Yuliia Sysova, Postgraduate, Department of Computer Science, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Yevhena Konovaltsia Str., 36, 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine, ORCID: